women ruggers

usa-womens-rugby-01today the USA will face off vs ireland at the rugby world cup.  i photographed many of them at the last world cup.  i especially love these post game portraits.  go USA!

top row (l to r): sharon blaney, kittery wagner, jamie burke

bottom row: lynelle kugler, nat marchino, emilie bydwell

favorite things: monster bars


this is one of my favorite recipes for a sweet treat, and these photos from awhile back remind me of a fun afternoon making some.  you can make them into cookies, or my preference is as a bar.  yum!  and gluten free!

3 eggs

1c packed brown sugar

1 c sugar

1t vanilla

1 t corn syrup

1/2 c butter

1 1/2 c peanut butter

2t baking soda

4 1/2 c oats

1c choc chips

1c m&ms

preheat oven to 350 degrees.  mix all ingredients together in a large-ish bowl.  the dough gets pretty thick, so make sure to use a sturdy spoon.  i prefer using a 12×18 size pan.  monster bars are fun to share, and they bake faster in a larger pan, so you get to sample them sooner ;).  bake around 20 minutes.  they are better slightly underdone then overdone.  enjoy!


upnorththis time of year i often get nostalgic for my midwestern home.  when i think about it more rationally…what is really to miss about 20 below zero, piles of dirty snow turned to ice, and a tightness in my shoulders from the scrunching i do to them while waiting for the car to warm up. all those things aside, there is always a flip side…like the first surprise snow you watch from inside by a fire, or the peacefulness of the walk you take after that first snow, and the clarity in the blue sky on those most coldest days.

the year before i moved away, one of my closest friends came for a visit.  she was not from a land of snow, and was overall fascinated with what it was all about.  so, naturally, i planned some things for her visit to give her a little taste of how we embraced winter around there.  we did things like snow tubing at Theodore Wirth Park, driving around Summit Ave looking at the fabulous displays of holiday lights, and drove up to Lake Superior.  while i had been to Lake Superior many a time, this particular visit was more magical. she was also a photographer, and had the ability to actually capture beautiful landscapes on film and have them look as spectacular as you remembered them (landscape photography at this level is definitely a talent i lack).  from that moment on, this image of lake superior is one that immediately comes to mind when i am nostalgic for the magic of the winterland.  it is paired with another image she took…of me…looking like many minnesotans look in the winter…rosy cheeks with a slight dusting of snow on the lashes.