hi, im jen

i am a film photographer and mom of two. i love chocolate and peanut butter, twinkly lights and clean sheets. i am a cat whisperer. i believe the most beautiful moments in life are the real, the perfectly imperfect, the in betweens. and even more than that, i think these moments are meant to be the art that you hang on your wall.

what to expect

probably the opposite of what you think. i won't ask you to say cheese, style your hair perfectly or hold real still. i might ask you to get messy, roll in the grass, jump around or laugh and cuddle. in fact, i almost certainly will.

sessions generally take an hour or so, but if someone is feeling shy or cranky or hungry...we take a break or change it up a little. and so, if it takes longer, it's ok by me.

i generally like to photograph you at your home or another location that has some meaning for your family. we will chat ahead of time and brainstorm ideas (or maybe you will already have one) for places and/or things we can do together.
when we first meet on shoot day, things will start slow as we all get to know each other better, and pretty soon you all will be doing your thing and i will just be a fly on the wall, capturing the smiles, laughter and wonderful moments that are happening naturally...creating memories your family will cherish for years to come.